4 reasons your business should get involved in mentoring events

Career mentoring and networking events can create new opportunities for the mentee, but what are the benefits for the person mentoring?

In the last 12 months, Northern PoWEr Futures has seen over 9.400 conversations take place between businesspeople looking to make a difference, and the next generation of talent. An initiative from Northern Power Women, the PoWEr Up mentoring and networking sessions make it possible for even the most time-shy business leader to connect with, and support, new talent from all backgrounds and of all genders.

Here, they share some of the business benefits that mentor organisations have seen.

It can highlight your organisation as an employer of choice for future talent and enable real recruitment opportunities within your organisation.

Successful companies stay strong by attracting candidates from all backgrounds and it is important to build this pipeline of emerging talent. Offering mentoring is a way for your organisation to make those connections whilst showcasing your commitment to future talent.

As a direct result of participating in some of the PoWer Up sessions and the networking opportunity it provided them with, many mentors have gone on to find new hires and offer internships with people they’ve met while mentoring.

It's a way to conduct Market research.

As well as creating lasting relationships and opportunities, mentoring and networking sessions can be guided by specific questions or themes that mentees can discuss with the business community. Through these topic-specific conversations, you can find out what future talent are thinking and saying, enabling you to tailor the services and messaging of your organization, to better promote your business as an employer of choice.

It can bring real benefit to your people.

In creating mentoring opportunities for the people in your organisation, you’ll be providing them with a platform to develop their own leadership and problem-solving skills whilst adding to their CSR hours. Many of the mentors who have participated in PoWEr Up sessions have engaged in cross sector networking with other mentors they have met, providing an additional benefit to their businesses.

It fosters positive and lasting relationships.

Supporting a mentee who is still in education or training can lead to long-lasting relationships. You can offer advice and support while getting to know your mentee in a relaxed yet productive environment. This means your organisation will be known by students and young professionals as a workplace that is intentional about sharing knowledge and supporting those at the start of their career. Feedback from a recent PoWEr Up mentoring sessions for university students showed that 87% of students felt that they gained knowledge and/or skills, with 96% saying that they would recommend these sessions to their peers.

Starting to offering mentoring or early career networking opportunities doesn’t have to be hard. If you aren’t sure where to start, Northern PoWEr Futures offers forward-thinking organisations opportunities to connect with future talent.

The PoWEr Up mentoring and networking sessions are an accessible platform that both young professionals and employers can use to connect and learn from each other. During the online sessions, mentors and mentees are placed into break-out Zoom rooms, where they are free to ask questions, seek advice and bust the myths that surround the world of work, before being moved around into a different break-out room with new connections to be made. 

If you’d like to know more, you can read about Northern Power Futures here, or contact philly@northernpowerwomen.com

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