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It’s not always easy being an independent business. We know, we’re one too. But we love what we do or we wouldn’t be doing it - and it’s time for us all to really shine.

Smarta is a new place for independent businesses who love to learn, grow, and support each other; a community that will shape business products of the future.

Ready and waiting for you right now, we have:

But this is just the beginning. We’re busy working behind the scenes to bring you the innovative tools and business insights you’ve always dreamed of.

And because you’re already in the know, you’ll be the first to benefit.

By joining Smarta now, you’ll help us to create a truly intelligent resource, to help you make business decisions with a whole new level of confidence.

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Our entrepreneurial roots

Smarta is from the same team that brought you Transmit Startups, the UK’s leading provider of Start Up Loans for business.

We’ve backed thousands of entrepreneurs with more than £100million since 2013, and we know the strength of startup spirit that charges through the UK.

Our own business was created by three entrepreneurs who thought that the support offered to businesses lacked empathy, enthusiasm, and real creativity. We’re here to change that.