Blinkist | Micro-learning resources

Boost your business smarts in just 15 minutes a day

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Squarespace | Website builder

Easily create your website or secure online store

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Slashpay | Instant bank payments

Say goodbye to costly card processing fees

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Should you go into business with your best friend?

Starting a business with your friends sometimes sounds better than the alternative - starting alone. Rich Myers answers the age old question...
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What happens when business marketing goes wrong

Spoiler alert: Rich Myers, serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Smarta (and Transmit Startups), ended up in court after running his first...
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My first business was a club night at the worst club in Europe. Dominic Cummings worked the door.

Rich Myers, Smarta's co-founder, is a serial entrepreneur. Here he recounts what it was like launching his first business at the age...
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Smarta is a community of likeminded independents who want to do business together. Promote yourself, and explore opportunities with others - whether it be buying from, or collaborating with.

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Ghost Vintage Apparel

Vintage clothing and accessories

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Bookkeeping 4U

Transform your business finances and bookkeeping

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Definition Audio Visual

Professional Audio Visual Installation Company

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Business for Punks | Best Business Books

Business for Punks: Break All the Rules – the BrewDog Way

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