How to make the most of your HR systems

When HR systems were first introduced, many businesses were a little reluctant to make the move from paper to electronic organisation. Perhaps they believed they would be hard to use and too expensive - which to be honest, in the early days, they were in fact just that.

However, with technological advances benefiting our businesses and day-to-day lives, our HR systems have also become much more user friendly, affordable and cost effective. They make automating processes and providing strategic management data much easier. 

There is so much you can do with these online systems nowadays and in this post we intend to show you exactly how you can make the most of your HR system - just like this one here - and all it’s different features for an easier workload.

First, audit your current HR processes

Before you start anything though, you need to audit your current process. Evaluating your process first will help you improve the efficiency and quality of your new HR system. If you apply new technology to something that is already broken or an outdated process, you won’t gain anything from this. Take time to streamline the processes you are currently using in order to set yourself in the right direction for new software.

Use your HR system to manage payroll

When it comes to managing the payroll, look no further than your HR system. This is a route many businesses tend to go down because using management software is far more effective and efficient than an excel sheet. If payroll is an internal challenge for your company, this could be a huge help for you. 

Different payroll programmes allow you to:

  • Handle your payroll online, all in one place.
  • Pay employees direct.
  • File and submit all new hire documents.
  • Set up each worker’s profile.
  • Pay taxes automatically.

Choose a cloud based system that is accessible on the go

Your HR system will usually be web or cloud based - making it accessible on the go - whether you are in a different office, train station, at home or in another country. This makes it so easy for you to access data either on your phone or laptop, making sure you never miss a thing and helping you keep up to date with everything.

Look for a system that tracks absence

People will get sick and have days off work. Your HR system should be able to record, calculate, track and report all of the absences across every employee in the business. It will quickly highlight any problem and show you how many days people have had off so you can take the correct action.

Opt for a self service system - so employees can manage their own time

This will enable all employees to have their own secure log in, in which they can update and track their details on the system such as, submitting absence, holiday requests and personal data. This will improve the accuracy of everything that’s being tracked and lessen the stress and workload for those working in HR.

Every platform is different but be sure to look into all the different features your HR software has to offer and make sure you are getting the most out of your system for a more efficient workforce.

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